About KVRN

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Kingdom View Inc. is multimedia company that creates events that build the lives of people we serve.  KVI has been noted for the signature events Houston’s First Ladies Live Television Taping, celebrating the first ladies for the work they do in the church, community and city.  Growing this multimedia company, KVI has now birth another platform to touch the lives of the people we serve not just locally – NOW GLOBALLY.


Kingdom View Radio Network birthed in 2013 after sitting and speaking with a team of experts who dared the vision of KVI to be expanded beyond its’ local market.  In 2012, Randy and Michelle expressed to our mutual friend about launching a network, previously hosting over 17 weekly shows on blog talk radio and successfully aiding individuals to starting their own talk shows on Kingdom View Network.  After, sampling this opportunity it was apparent that the market was ripe we just needed a team to execute the vision.

Fast forward to 2013 last quarter, Michelle sought and opportunity to start a show on a network.  Meeting with the business director, she fell in love with being on the radio again.  After walking into the studio and the host saying sit down and be my guests, she was on air for more than an hour and a half sharing, “Whatever You Do BRAND You.”   Dr. OT was in the studio with Michelle and confirmed, “you have a radio voice and a tv face”.  This compliment reaffirmed that it was definitely the time to get it going, not the opportunity with that network.

Randy, the fierce leader and husband he is; contacted family and friends to see what it would take to launch our own platform. Randy then called his executive producer cousin, Lonicko Harden and immediately saw the vision and stated he would be on board.  Nicko has produced for major artists such as:  Blind Boys, Endurance, Mighty Cloud and written some amazing hits including “Church Folks”.  It was one call after the other as the Lord dropped in the hearts of Randy & Michelle Harden.

Here we are today in a soft launch of a global worldwide platform that will carry the message of the Kingdom of God to the Nations.  Before turning the switch we are in Jamacia, Carribeans, Africa, United Kingdom; merely from the endorsement that are supporters and partners of KVRN.

Our prayer is that through this platform lives are refreshed, renewed, revived, rejuvenated, restore and rebuilt.  This is our prayer in Jesus’ name.

Randy Harden, President

LoNicko Harden, Vice President

Michelle Harden, Compliance & Marketing Consultant