Mastering Your Life & Purpose 2015 Mentorship Program – SIGN UP TODAY * LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE

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Have you ever wanted to complete a task and their was a brick wall in your way?  We invite you to take this journey with us to breakdown the wall and walk into your destiny.  Through spending personal and professional time with you, I wanted to consider you this upcoming mentorship program in 2015.  I've engaged and acquired partnership with a licensed family therapist, Stephanie D. Miller.  This program is separate and apart from events that we may perform and work together. This is a very serious commit that we are only accepting 20 people.  We are accepting recommendation of individuals that you may want to go through this process with.  We are very serious our Mastering Life & Purpose 2015 Mentorship Program.  It is a closed invitation, however if you know of someone that want to complete their purpose in 2015, we will take recommendation for consideration.  Here is the commitment:
*120 Minutes a Month (2hours) Every 4th Saturday
*Homework Challenge for Your Life & Purpose Advancement
*$100 (a month this averages 3.33 a day - you are worth more)
I can assure you that these space will not last, I would like to encourage you to pray about your participation and respond with your commitment by December 15, 2014.  
Schedule for 2015 Mentorship Program
January 24th
February 28th 
March 28th
April 25th
May 23rd
June 27th
July 25th 
August 22nd
September 26th
October 24th 
November 28th 
December - Graduation
We look forward to hearing from you to let us know your response concerning this special invitation.  If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call directly.  Upon your acceptance, we will send you an official welcome letter with additional details.
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