Everybody is Listening!


We are taking the gospel to the world. Won’t you join us? Welcoming a new addition to the Kingdom View family based in Houston, Texas is mthe global radio network with an unlimited reach around the world. KVRN is the platform for the gospel message: gospel music that represents the Kingdom of God. Kingdom View Inc., successful in gathering the faith base community news and distributing to over 100k loyal subscribers for the past 17 years, now ready to birth more! Internet is the fastest growing industry, by over 157 million listeners, that can immediately distribute what we do in the city of Houston and share it with our global audience.

The Gathering of First Ladies Weekend

Honoring and Celebrating Houston’s First Ladies for the work they do in the community, city and local church. Edifying the body of Christ through encouraging first ladies to bond in unity, love and support for one another.




Weekly Word of Power – Pastor David Allen

Pastor Rhema Ehiemere

Pastor John Ogletree